WürZarT isn’t just another periodical, but rather a journal the intention of which is to cross the borders and blend different styles and genres with each another.


“Crossing the borders” may, in fact, be taken literally in so far as every text presented will appear in both its creator’s mother tongue and in English. In this respect we see ourselves in the footsteps of Ted Hughes, who was a strong proponent of Poetry in Translation, a project that, of course, should be a matter of course, particularly in times of leaky and intertextually pervaded borders.

Needless to stress that, in addition to its English translation, each non-English text will also be presented in its primary language, thus preserving its linguistic identity. Although, this may seem particularly important regarding lyrical poetry, we do not believe in the credo that lyrical poetry is per se untranslatable.


“Crossing the borders” may also be understood in the sense of Fiedler’s provocative appeal “Cross the borders, close the gap”. We think, indeed, the time has come for poetic high culture to be popularized. Yes, we know what we are talking about :-).


Also, “crossing the borders” refers to the crossover of genres and styles and the blending of texts and optical art as well. We believe it is time that concrete lyrical poetry be colored and optical entities should learn to speak.


 Finally, humans can only live in peace, if they talk to each other, if they listen to each other. This, however, requires one to be able to understand what the other one is saying or writing. In this sense also WürZarT is meant to cross the borders.


 WürZarT will appear three times a year and each issue will be dedicated to a specific topic. The texts and pictures of this issue deal with The Erotics of Fruit.